Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Orange Tuesdays 30th Edition

Welcome Orange Tuesdays 30th Edition!

My apology for posting 30th edition of OT late...

Happy New Year everyone! Lets welcome 2012 with a positive vibes! Hope everyone enjoy the festive season and I wish all of us a fruitful, blissful and healthy 2012!

Okay...Some of you might know that I'm into postcrossing-yes I love postcard that's why I join postcrossing. I actually have a postcard slash travel blog which mostly features my postcard. When your into postcard collection your not far from collecting stamp for sure. People who collect stamp is called philatelist. Nope I don't consider myself philatelist. Am fond of stamp yes..but that's it..I just love them. So my share for this week is some of the stamps stick on my postcards.
Kremlin stamp of Russia
Among the many stamp it is Russia's stamp I find unique. Most of their stamp looks like that.
Ukraine stamp
Last 3 stamp is from USA. I love the bird stamp!

..by the way, did you know that 2012 color is Tangerine Tango?..meaning..belong to color Orange family. Yes, its full of Orange color year!..hope you keep on joining Orange Tuesdays...


  1. pretty orange stamps you got here Mommy :-) I use to collect stamp back in the Philippines. Thank you for hosting the Orange Tuesday again. Hope that you can return the favor too.


  2. Happy New Year to you too sis! oh, these are cute! I love postcrossing...magastos but it's worth it...ehehehe!

    thanks sa OT reminder in FB!

  3. I remember the American Kestrel stamp--I always liked it!

  4. happy Orange Tuesday! i have some orange too!

    all the best for 2012!

  5. So you are a stamp collector...in time, you will learn enough to be a "philatelist". :)

  6. More postcards to come this orangy year:)

  7. Those are cool stamps..I love to collect stamps from all over the world too...

    Visiting for OT! Here's my share- hope you can stop by..


  8. I love the last stamp. seems we share the same love for orange.

  9. love those stamps, am tempted to start collecting but i'd stick with postcards for now.

    joining again this time with jared's blog ^_^

  10. i think i am quite a philatelist but not so..hehe...coz i don't really study postcards or stamps..i just love collecting it....i already have hundreds of postcards and stamps in my collections...thanks guapz for sharing!

  11. I love the last stamp. seems we share the same love for orange.

  12. hi mommy shenkay, i'm back to blog hop. :) looks like you are very active in your stamp collecting. lovely stamps!


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