Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan 9th Edition

This is the first time that Shengkay Random Nest is joining this caravan. My other blog Shengkay's Journal
already part of this WBFC. So whats in store for this week? still GFC and subsribe if you want. A bit exciting because "getting to know me" theme will be the we really have to say something about ourselves. Take note guys ONLY ONE BLOG IS ALLOWED TO LINK.

Here we go..
photo from yr 2006 :P
Who is Shengkay?

Am not really a very good story teller of myself. Okay. Am into blogging actively for almost 4months now and this blog Shengkay Random Nest is exactly 1 week old today. My Shengkay's Journal blog is what I use before in joining WBFC.

Shengkay is a 29 year old never been married (buti na lang!) single mom to her 5months old daughter Iris whom she fondly call Rainbow (Iris really means Rainbow). Her Rainbow and sister Kiana completes her world. This 2 lovelies Photobucket
is her inspiration and motivation in life. She works 8-12hours a day as a regular employee in a transporation sector and do blogging in her spare time to keep her sanity and hoping to earn a little from it. Shengkay is from City of Smile Bacolod, home of Masskara Festival. Her real name is Sheryl. Her friend call her Sheng..and why Shengkay? she think its cute and unique..hahaha. Nope..her friends call her that way sometimes, sort of endearment.

So that's it! That is Shengkay. Happy Weekend blog follower Caravan everyone! Thank you in advance to those who will follow me..I'll return the favor..that's a promise!


  1. Hi Mommy Sheng!! kaya pala you don't want to hear the word "bohol" kasi now i know... hehehe, read that in Mona's blog... anyways, sige, i'm a member of PMC, what's your FB profile so i can add you... para makapag chika tayo! new follower here. by the way, i just changed the template sa main blog ko kaya ka siguro nawala... hehehe... thanks for the visit!

    Pink Memoirs
    Hands Full of Life
    These and Those

  2. Hi Shengkay...

    Visiting here from WBFC 9...

    It is nice to visit a fellow Working Mom here.

    I love the way you said this sis:Shengkay is a 29 year old never been married (buti na lang!) hehehhe

    Keep on blogging and inspiring others by sharing your journey on being a single mom

    Followed you thru GFC too.

    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  3. abaw.. illonga ka gali sheng? heheh thanks for dropping by VernzDaily... nice to have met you.. always hehehe.. see you around..

  4. nice to meet you follower here from wbfc :-)

  5. Hi Mommy Sheng!
    Thanks for the visit and comment in my blog thru WBFC! Followed you here and in your other blog. Your girls are so cutie!
    God Bless


  6. hi sheng,

    visiting from wbfc9...

    buti na lang talaga. we're both single moms. but one advice, you're still young and i'm sure you'll meet a lot of men along the way. choose someone who'll love your kids too=)

    i admire you for your strength and perseverance. two kids!!! that's tough.

    following you already=)

  7. now i know the blogger behind shengkay's journal. lovely kids btw sis :)

    would love to see you at
    my online journal
    my soltero baby

  8. wow i love your rainbows... and i just followed you!!

  9. I am following you from the blog caravan. Please visit/follow mine.

    nice to meet fellow Filipinas here online.

  10. First,let me say how much I love your template here. It so neat!!!
    Secondly, who needs a husband if you already have two wonderful girls in your life?I mean,seriously???LOL!
    It's nice to meet you ,Mommy Shengky and your two lovely angels. They are so pretty,like thei mommy. :)

    Thanks for visiting my WBFC's 9th entry at The Bloggers Journal.
    I'm your newest follower too.:)

  11. Oi sis what's all about the word 'bohol' hahaha.. chizmaks ..sorry for asking... Anyway i am from bohol kase but now living here in Norway.

    anyway here is my entry: My Weekend Caravan!

    I am one of your followers also. Hope you can do the same in my blog. See you!

  12. Nice to know you girl here is my entry

  13. Hello Mommy Shengkay!

    Ilonga ka pala! Hehehe! Turuan mo nga ako mag-Ilongga at ng hindi ako ibinibenta ng asawa ko kapag umuuwi kami ng Iloilo! Hehehe!

    Nice to meet you dear!

  14. From WBFC thanks for coming by my place followed you here.

  15. Hi sheng, really nice knowing you. akala ko 20 yung number dun, 29 pala hehehe. nag ilongga na si vernz di ko kaya to te hehe, nakaka inspire talaga ang working mom, it shows na mas capable tayong mga babae hehehe, daming kamay at kakayanin lahat ano mn bagyo o tsunami dumating.see you around shengkay

  16. hi shengkay can we add each other too in FB Im hoping to monetize also my blog but Im out of info maybe we coulcd exchange some ideas my fb is same as my email thanks

    From wala to okay
    Raketer Mama

  17. just dropping by tukayo... sensya na ha, super duper busy talaga...

  18. Hi, Mommy Shengkay! Hahaha, it's a lot easier talaga to talk about anything apart from yourself. Pero you did it well! :)

    Inggit naman ako sa girls mo. Ako, I have two boys, praying for a baby girl to come. :)

    Here's my entry:

  19. Hi Sheng! Thanks so much for dropping by.. and congratulations dito sa new blog mo. See you around! :)

    By the way, I'm following your blog now.

  20. Hello Shengkay! Nice to meet you here. I like the name Iris. It is cute

  21. i salute you girl! getting married is not always a wise decision! i could totally relate on that! now following this blog as well.


  22. hi shengkay! :) visiting here from WBFC. always feels nice to meet new friends. :)

  23. hello Mommy, following you.. here's my entry

  24. hi mommy! followed u...hope u could follow me back at momsicle

  25. Hi Mommy Sheng! it's nice to see another fellow-single mom here :)

    am here through WBFC. please visit my blog too.

  26. Hi Mommy. Nice to meet you here.

    I'm your new follower, thanks for visiting my blog.

  27. Hi, Sheng! Nice to more about you through WBFC. I've seen your kids a couple of times already through Mommy Moments. :D Hope you'd find time to see my entry at

  28. you have lovely girls, sis. Shengkay sounds sweet to me. =)

    i am now following you. hope you could follow mine too.

    btw, thank you for always visiting my blog. God bless!

  29. hi mommy sheng! i admire that you are a responsible sister :)

    God bless :)

    Mine is just a short entry. Don't forget to follow me please :)

    Have a great week!

  30. Hi Mommy Shengkay! I so love your name :) Its so nice to meet you here. Im your new follower of your lovely blog too.

  31. it's so nice to know you more and your name is really unique. thanks for the visit and hope to hear from you always.

    My Blog Caravan Entry
    Follow me Here too:
    Prosperity's Desire
    Hope you Can join my Blogging Contest:
    Fashion and Passion Online

  32. love ur nickname.. prang kikay na kikay.. haha!!
    followed you already..
    hope you could visit my site too!!
    9th Weekend Blog Follower Caravan: Meet the Blogger

  33. Hi Shengkay! :) Nice to meet you! :)

    My aunt is from Bacolod too and in October, we are all going to go there for my aunt and uncle's church wedding, maybe while I'm there we can meet.. :) I am so excited! :D haha I love making new friends! :) Anyway, I will let you know if it pushes through.. :)

    I followed your blog through GFC.. :) See you around the blogosphere! :)

    Ane of Life According to Me

  34. Hi Shengkay...mukhang mas magiging adik blogger ka pa kesa sa kin kasi bago-bago ka palang, may 2 blogs ka na! :)

    WBFC9 #51
    Under My Fingertips

  35. we're the same, slaves of the corporate world who does blogging only in their spare time. Nice to meet the face behind the site, ive already followed this one in GFC. See you around PMC :)

    Hope you visit my entry here, leave some sweets and follow me too. Have a great week!
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  36. nice to meet you mommy shengkay! your sister will love you forever i know... have read your post about her and she's one lucky little sister to have you.
    AC here of Happy Home Working with ACmomCee
    Come Dine In
    Join My Stroll
    Cheeky Munchkis

  37. nice to know you ... followed you too!

  38. nice to meet you sheng! heheeh ipakulam mo ang mga taga bohol... exclude mommy pinx, anne, and lulu wahahahah

    I am your newest blog follower. Please visit my WBFC-Everything Alabama and follow me back if you haven't yet.

  39. hello again sis, stopping your random nest...nice to know you shengkay, we call our niece "shenngay" her real name is shane...i love your daughty's name too, iris, very girly + sweet...anyway, following + stopping by from WBFC^^

  40. Hi Sheng! Must have been hard working for 8-12 hours a day and then still have to be a mom to your girls.

    I'm your new follower.

    - - -
    know more about me here: wbfc: who is gene?

  41. You are from BACOLOD? Wheee!!! Message me ok? Are you in Bacolod now {sorry, I couldn't deduce from your post}. Mommy Rubz and I meet up all the time!

    Nice getting to know you thru WBFC. I am #62 {the last!} on this week’s WBFC and I hope you will enjoy knowing me too.

    Followed you back on GFC and will be updating my blogroll to link you up. Hope you can do the same for me!


  42. i've been with your other blog na pala:)

    nice to know you more sis:)

    thanks for the visit and I'm a new follower here:)

  43. hi shengs! Cookie here. ganda mo dyan sa pic. Followed you thru gfc. Hope you'll follow mine. tnx.

    Here's my entry:

  44. thanks shengkay!!! im here also..

  45. hi sheng, wow you're ilongga partner is also ilonggo. We've been together in one roof for almost 4 years now.what is funny about it is that we're talking in tagalog because I hardly speak ilonggo.But I pretty much understand almost everything. Nice meeting you:)

  46. Hi Sheng! I'm your new follower here hehe...

  47. I also think Shengkay is unique, a name that would stick to one's mind! Following you here. Hope to read more about you... - Mirage

  48. i'm here doing my (very) late rounds for WBFC#9 :)

    you have a beautiful younger sister and daughter. i guess it runs in the family :)

    i always find your writing fun and inspirational at the same time. glad i got to know more of you through WBFC, and of course, GT :)

  49. Hi Mommy Shengkay! Nice to meet you here.

    Doing my late rounds in WBFC, and now following you in GFC. Hope to see you around!

    Oppsss...walang name/url option in your comment. Anyway, here is my entry


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